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Welcome! We are a walking club in Fredericksburg, VA, and a member club of the American Volkssport Association (AVA). We offer several weekend (regular) walks each year and sponsor Year Round Events in Fredericksburg, Ashland, Culpeper, and Warrenton. 

Volks•march [vohlks-mahrch] [völks-märch] – noun.

Volksmarching (from German Volksmarsch meaning “peoples’ march”) is a form of non-competitive fitness walking that developed in Europe. Participants typically walk 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) or 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) on an outdoor path. Volksmarch associations offer incentive awards (usually pins and patches) for collecting a certain number of events. Volkssport participants enjoy recording distances and event participation in international record books. More of a social event and healthy outing as opposed to a competition, routes frequently involve interpretative sites of interests in a wide range of categories such as America’s baseball walks, historic gardens or churches, artistic heritage, author and literary landmarks, baseball stadiums, railroads, museums, etc. A Volksmarch is one of several possible Volkssports that can also include skiing, biking, or swimming.
Upcoming Events
Fall 2014 Walk
Saturday, Nov 1st
8am - 1pm
Hart Community Center 
408 Canal St
Fredericksburg, VA
This walk is in memory of Dave Scull; GVA President and Atlantic Region Director. The walk celebrates Dave's love of Volkssporting and his many contributions to the sport. With just a few small changes, the walk route is one that Dave designed and was very excited about as it passes over 100 historical markers and monument Walk through Fredericksburg’s history at your own pace along 3-, 6-, or 10-mile trails visiting up to 100 historical markers around the city.
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GVA Supporters
Fort A.P. Hill Volksmarch
GVA Membership Meeting
Tuesday, October 7th
7 PM

Wegmans Central Park
2281 Carl D Silver Pkwy
Fredericksburg, VA

Eat at 6:30​
Come join us and learn more about the club and the club's future. We will discuss upcoming walks in the local area and the region
Aquia Harbor Oktoberfest Walk
Saturday, Sep 27th
1-3 PM
Aquia Harbor Lion's Park
Stafford, VA
5K & 10K Walks
Walk includes 1.6 miles loop onto Government Island where rock was quarried to build the White House. Join the Oktoberfest activities after your walk.